Savannah Iloilo

The Promise of a Better Life Kept

Lying in the heart of the Archipelago, Iloilo is one of the most diverse provinces in the Philippines. This laudable province is living between two dimensions of time; in antiquity brought by the remnants of its colorful history and of modernization provided by a changing world. The Capital, Iloilo City boast its rich harbor and colonial edifices which molded the city into present glory. The province itself is a reflection of smiles, beauty, stories, legends and tales which are alive until these very days.

Savannah Iloilo Map

This sprawling 300-hectare first-class estate is located across three towns or municipalities in Iloilo – Oton, Pavia and San Miguel. It is just around 15 minutes away from the Iloilo International Airport.

Savannah Iloilo is considered as the largest and most successful master-planned community in Western Visayas.

It has 5 major enclaves catering to the diverse home requirements of the Ilongos – Glen and Orchard for the affordable housing market, Trails and Glades for the middle housing market and Crest for the premium housing market. They also offer lot only packages from these enclaves.

Savannah Iloilo is surprisingly the fastest growing and thriving community with more than 500 residents living and enjoying their quiet life. The buyers and homeowners are currently enjoying the many services and amenities provided by Camella Homes and Vista Land and various entities, some of these are being offered only in Savannah Iloilo.

Savannah Glen

Savannah Glen is a homey and charming enclave lined with a selection of house from the beautiful Camella Home Series – where each home is designed to be the perfect nest for families beginning to build their dreams together. A well-structured Camella Bungalow Houses are also can finally filled up your dreams into reality of owning a house.

Savannah Orchard

The Orchard, the newest bustling enclave of Savannah that was launched in 2008. It is another beautiful addition to the ever-expanding Savannah where a serene and classy lifestyle awaits home-buyers.

Savannah Trails

Savannah Trails- A refreshing countryside. The scenic grassland on the Savannah Trails was first evade the community in 2003. The selection of two-storey homes with lot cuts from 120 sq.m – 250 sq.m  and also offer lot only packages ranging on the said cuts. Houses were set along scenic tree-shaded avenues on lush terrain.

Savannah Glades

Tranquility, Proximity, American Beauty – Savannah Glades is a 12 hectare sanctuary that echoes the quaint spirit and classic beauty of the American South. It was the first enclaves that brought up by  Camella in Iloilo in year 2000.  It is the must accessible enclaves because it is walking distance from Savannah entrance. With a great mode of transportation, with just minutes, you can reach New Iloilo Airport, Hospitals, Churches, Public Markets and Malls.

Savannah Crest

Crest is for those home-buyers/homeowners that desire home like a trophy. It’s a trophy because it reflects their stature and success in life. The Crest at Savannah has a lot only package ranging from 200 sq. m. – 500 sq.m. , cast in the styles of the spacious Georgia manors, for those with big dreams who have worked hard to make them come true.

Amenities at Savannah Iloilo:

  • Sports facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Precision golf course
  • Learning institution
  • Parks
  • Church
  • Exclusive residential enclaves
  • Commercial and lifestyle centers
  • Street lights
  • Storm drainage system
  • Garbage collection service
  • Electrical and water supply
  • Savannah Iloilo card for the buyers and homeowners
  • Quality control group for its house construction
  • TV cable services provided by Cable Star and Dream
  • Telephone services and high speed internet services provided by Globelines
  • Centralized shuttle transport system to take care of vehicle needs of the residents
  • Strict security personnel to ensure peace, orderliness and tranquility within Savannah Iloilo
  • Savannah Iloilo ties-up with different business establishments for special discounts for Savannah Iloilo buyers and homeowners
  • Property management company to take care of needs of the residents and promote a harmonious relationship among the residents